How it Works

How it Works Astaldi Canada’s Procurement Process

Throughout the duration of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project, Astaldi Canada will create hundreds of millions of dollars in opportunities for businesses and services.

We are committed to making real and positive impacts in the Canadian communities where we have ongoing projects. As our Canadian presence grows, this will mean the creation of many opportunities for businesses and services in local communities across the country.

Equal and Fair Opportunities

As the one of the largest contractor on the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project, our work will create many opportunities for businesses and suppliers. We are committed to communicating these procurement opportunities to the business community and holding a transparent and fair procurement process for those interested in competing to supply goods and services for the project.

Reoccurring Needs

The types of goods and services that we will require throughout the duration of the project will include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Light Equipment and related services
  • Heavy Equipment and related services
  • Construction grade dimensional lumber and plywood
  • Hardware items such as: electric tools; manual tools; nails; wood screws, fasteners, sealants, adhesive tapes and compounds

Our Procurement Process

Requests for quotes (RFQ) for goods and services under $5,000 (CAD) – we will contact our list of registered vendors to obtain price quotes.

RFQs for businesses and services valued over $5,000 (CAD) – we will post RFQs to our current opportunities webpage. We encourage businesses to check this webpage frequently as new RFQs will be posted daily.

Process for requesting and awarding RFQs over $5,000 (CAD)

  1. Need for supply or service over $5000 is identified and requested.
  2. Procurement team receives the approved purchase request.
  3. RFQ is posted to our current opportunities webpage.
  4. Applications are received and reviewed.
  5. Decision is made and successful company notified.
  6. The current opportunities webpage is updated to communicate the RFQ has been awarded.

To submit a bid for an RFQ over $5,000 (CAD)

1. Fill out and submit the vendor registration form.

2. Visit our current opportunities. 

3. Respond to the appropriate buyer on any RFQs of interest.

The Deadline

Astaldi Canada reserves the right to close the RFQ before the stated deadline and is not obliged to accept the lowest or any submitted bid on any RFQ.