Who We Are

Who We Are Experience on the Global Field

Our worldwide operations are committed to promoting innovation and modernity in and surrounding the areas in which we operate, paying particular attention to the natural, cultural and archaeological heritage of these areas, and the safety of our workers. Continuing this practice, a priority for our Canada operations is to make real and positive impacts in the Canadian communities in which we have projects under development.

Astaldi At a Glance

Astaldi is a leading Italian construction company with over 90 years of experience in the design, construction and management of public infrastructures and large-scale civil engineering works.

We believe our company’s value lies in our highly-qualified people. With over 500 projects completed in 40 countries, over 100 active projects in Italy, Europe, North and Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East, and over 11,000 people worldwide – our commitment is to real progress:

Real progress is achieved through the cultural and professional evolution of people, sharing with the world the knowledge and skills that make Astaldi and Italy a benchmark in the field of civil engineering.

Astaldi constructs large and technologically complex infrastructures through its business lines: Transport Infrastructures, Water and Energy Production Plants, Civil and Industrial Buildings, as well as Plants Design and Maintenance.

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Astaldi Canada

Our presence in Canada dates back to the 1980s, but formally began in 2012 with the establishment of Astaldi Canada Inc., a company 100% controlled by Astaldi with headquarters in Quebec.

Through the acquisition of T.E.Q., a Canadian company that specializes in the civil works and project management sector, we have “real” experience with climatic-socio-economic-factors in the country.

In December 2013, we were awarded the contract to carry out the civil works for the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric generation project in Labrador, which made us the largest employer on the project. Our work will involve the construction of an intake, powerhouse, gated spillway and transition dams, with a generating station of 824MW capacity.

We are committed to building a strong future in Canada and believe in the role we can play in the future economic growth of Newfoundland and Labrador. Most importantly, we believe that we can make meaningful and lasting contributions to the prosperity of the province and to future Canadian markets.