careCARD Campaign's

careCARD Campaign’s Astaldi people make a DIFFERENCE because they CARE!

Everyday workers face numerous construction hazards that could harm them or their fellow workers. Astaldi workers that fix hazards are being rewarded with a safe and injury free worksite. Our goal is fixing 25,000 hazards and donations to two local NL charities.

Astaldi Canada "Because I Care" CampaignWe are proud to present the highlight of our careCARD campaign.

This campaign goes to aid local charities in our region. With every careCARD that is submitted which identifies hazards corrected we will donate $2 in our workers name. A dollar will go to the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation, and a dollar will go to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Newfoundland and Labrador.

November 14 Update:

  • 6727 HAZARDS has been removed/corrected from our work areas – that’s 6727 incidents which did not occur!!
  • A total of $13,454.00 has been raised ($6727.00 to each organization)

Next update: Monday November 20